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DCL – Kid’s Clubs

One of the unique things that Disney Cruise Line offers is various levels of Kid’s Clubs.  Children aged 3-17 can participate in supervised activities while parents get a chance to relax.

On each of Disney’s cruise ships, there are four levels of Youth Clubs: Oceaneer Club (ages 3-12), Oceaneer Lab (ages 3 -12), Edge (ages 11-14), and Vibe (ages 14-17).  In each Club there are different themes and age appropriate activities.

My son is 9, so he was able to participate in the Oceaneer Club and Lab.  Both Clubs were connected by an enclosed hallway which allowed him to go back and forth between different activities without being checked in and out.

Security was excellent.  At the entrance to each Club was a security check point.  Only children who are registered (and anyone can register) are allowed into the clubs.  During registration, you can decide which adults will be allowed to check your child(ren) out.  Each registered child who is 8-12 years old is able to check him/herself in and out of the Oceaneer Club and Lab – if the parent gives them permission to do so.  I decided against allowing my child to check out on his own, but he was able to check in.  When he wanted to leave, he would tell a cast member who would alert us via our Wave Phone (portable stateroom phones).  This is a personal preference and can be modified to fit your vacation style.

One of my son’s favorite part of the Oceaneer Club was the Marvel’s Avenger’s Academy.  He trained to become an Avenger (even has the card to prove it), met Captain America, and “became Iron Man” through a simulated computer game.

Avengers Academy!
Iron Man and Capt America’s Shield

There were a bunch of different themed areas for the kids to choose from, and it gave them the illusion of freedom since they were able to make decisions on their own.

Slink Slide
Mickey Mouse Club House
Pixie Hollow
Ships – open play and tv area

There are a few times that the Clubs have Open House hours so parents can see some of the different activities.  Other than those specified times, it’s a kids only zone – and the kids love it!!


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