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Halloween Night

There are so many activities onboard that it is impossible to do them all.  Every night, our Stateroom Attendant (who was absolutely amazing) left us the daily Navigator – listing of all of the activities – for the next day.  So, in addition to our chocolates and towel animals, we had everything we needed to plan the following day.  The Personal Navigators from our trip can be found here: Navigator Day 1 and all other days: Navigator Days 2-7

One of the “adult” activities that we participated in was Mixology.  It was so relaxing to hang out in a piano bar while sailing the high seas.  It allowed us to try new drinks and learn a little about the methodologies behind them.  This was an activity that had an additional cost and that we reserved prior to sailing.

A glimpse of our fancy drinkies
How Mixology started

The one thing that I wasn’t expecting was the quality of the shows and entertainment aboard the Magic.  I thought there would be one special night with a fantastic Broadway-quality show,  while the other nights would be filled with movies, games, characters, etc.

While there are many options to choose from each night, there is also a Broadway/Off-Broadway production every evening.  The theater on the Magic is fittingly called the Walt Disney Theater, and, IMO, the experiences live up to Walt’s expectations.

One night, there was even a magic show.  This was not your typical “kid’s magic” – pull a never ending scarf out of your sleeve – show.  Instead, Mike Super, who was a finalist on America’s Got Talent and the champion of NBC’s Phenomenon. I’m still questioning what I saw and how he did what he did!

And in true Disney fashion, we were able to meet Mike Super and have a t-shirt signed.  He was such a lavenous guy and really took an interest in the conversation he had with my son.


Two nights were also specially themed: Pirate Night and Halloween Night.  Pirate night included a show on the main deck with a fireworks finale and Halloween Night included trick or treating and games.

Pirate Night
Halloween Night



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