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DCL – Castaway Cay

I’m not sure if it was the perfect 83 degree weather or the amazing 360 degree views, but Castaway Cay is my new favorite spot in the Bahamas.

Castaway Cay is Disney’s private Bahamian island that can only be accessed if you are sailing on a Disney ship.  It’s amazing to have all of the amenities of being on an island without any of the worry of transportation or navigating through an unknown country.  Once docked, passengers can disembark and walk or take a tram to any of the island’s destinations.



There really is something for everyone.  Families can enjoy a beach day with sandcastle building, snorkeling, swimming, or even zipping down a water slide.


Adults can relax at the adult only beaches that are located around the corner of the island – providing true tranquility and serene views.

img_4932There are shops, snacks, a kid’s club, and game area for anyone who needs a break from the sun.  We also saw our favorite characters enjoying the island as well.img_4938


The highlight of our day was swimming with and feeding (by hand!) stingrays.  There are about 76 stingrays in a netted area of the surf that are part of the island’s inhabitants.  In this netted area, we first fed and got an up close look at a few different stingray species.  Afterwards we were able to snorkel and swim with them.  This allowed us to view them not only swimming, but burying themselves under the sand and breaking free of the bottom of the ocean.

This is one of the many island excursions that you can choose from – for a nominal fee.  I can honestly say that this excursion was well worth the added cost.

Snorkel gear and part of the netted area.
The feeding “table” and a couple stingrays (and the Magic) in the background.

Back on the ship, the view is breathtaking.



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