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Jedi Training Academy

A few years ago, my son took part in the Jedi Training Academy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  It was an amazing experience where he got to battle Darth Maul and Darth Vader – Let’s just say he’s braver than me.


If your child wants to participate in this training battle, it is critical that you arrive to Hollywood Studios (HS) prior to the gates opening, aka rope drop.  The morning of my son’s battle, we thought we had the best plan in place and were going to brag about our genius for years to come.  We were staying at the Boardwalk and could easily walk to HS.  What could go wrong?

The plan:  I had the job of getting our son dressed and fed while my husband enjoyed a cup of coffee on his leisurely stroll to HS.  He would arrive at least 30 min prior to rope drop and leave behind everyone at bag check with their strollers and giant backpacks and beat them to the Jedi Training Academy sign up.  We. Got. This.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying a cup of tea at an adorable table outside on the water at the Boardwalk. My son is eating his Mickey waffle while we watch fish and turtles, feed ducks and birds, and enjoy the beautiful spring morning of blue skies and sunshine. (Enter the rainbows and animated blue birds of this idealistic memory).

Then comes the text: I NEED L HERE NOW!!!! HE HAS TO BE WITH ME TO SIGN UP!!!!

Turns out, you have to have your child present at the time of signing up.  No kid, no time-slot. Sorry sucker.

Panic ensues. Mickey waffles go flying. I’m debating putting my only child of age 5 on a boat by himself. It’s Disney so he’ll get there, right?  No, can’t do that. That’s when I see my husband sprinting on the HS walking path waving his arms.  I send my son to run to him and they meet at the boat launch where hoards of people are waiting to go to the parks for the day.  They squeeze onto the boat and make it to HS where they were able to snag one of the last time-slots for Jedi Training. 

Lesson learned. 

In the end, it was completely worth the chaos and stress to see his face as he wielded the Force and battled The Dark Side.


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